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Fine Arts Capital's exhibition        November 1.- 22.

"Make visible what, without you, might perhaps never have been seen."
Robert Bresson 

Poster Golden Duck BeGinning exibition

We are pleased to announce that the Golden Duck Gallery will provide the exhibition space for Fine Arts Capital members between November 5 and 22. In the framework of the joint project, we present our contemporary Hungarian painters, of whom we can all be proud.

The painter always expresses the reality around him through his vision. Its orientation, style, and uniqueness are based on this. Here we can agree with Robert Bresson that without the painters, reality would not be visible in this interpretation.

Let's get even more out of ourselves at the beginning exhibition - see you there!

Artist List: Nóra Baka, Béla Balog, Dr. Szilvia Boda, Györgyi Bors, Ervin Dávid, Kálman Gasztonyi, Zsuzsa Gyimesi, Tímea Hadar, Bence Horváth, Ildiko Korény, Laszló Lampert, Krisztina Lőrincz, György Kálmán Nagy, Dávid Norbert, Anita Püspök, Elvira Markó-Rádler, Judit Szakter, Brigitta Tenkes, Szilvia Terdik, Catherine Váradi

The opening: photo report

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