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Upcoming exhibitions


Who am I? What makes me me? 

Real School Budapest 

Children Art Exhibition & Performance

27 Feb-3 March


1st Catalogue

Fine Arts Capital Group Exhibition 

Art Catalogue Presentation

10 April - 5 May

Old 05.jpg

One eye cries, the other laughs

Dr. Székely László  - BANDELLA

Personal Exhibition

5 March - 4 April


On the next day

Sándor Zicherman

Personal Exhibition

5 May - 15 May

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1st International
Juried Art Exhibition


We are happy to announce our great international cooperation with the TERAVARNA Gallery in Los Angeles, the USA. The 1st Budapest International Juried Art Exhibition offers the artists from all over the world a unique opportunity to exhibit their art in the very heart of Europe. TERAVARNA Gallery is a world-famous art prize organizer (formerly known as Art Show International Gallery).

The 1st Budapest Juried Art Exhibition is juried and runned by the TERAVARNA Gallery, whilst the physical exhibition will be held in the Golden Duck Gallery in Budapest. 

1st International Juried Art Exhibition Teravarna Golden Duck Gallery.jpg

Online Exhibitions

We believe that art is alive when it is admired.  We can exceed the limitations of the physical world, where the gallery has a certain amount of space & time. We are happy we can provide you the opportunity to see all our exhibitions online in high resolution wherever and whenever you would like to access them!

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Latest news

Exhibition Grand-Opening

NovArt Cultural & Art Magazine 
on Golden Duck's Grand Opening:

"The person who opens a new art gallery these times will need a lot of courage and dedication to art"

Golden Duck Gallery feels honoured to announce that our second exhibition, the Beginnings started with an immense event! More than a hundred visitors came to the Grand Opening of the exhibition. The atmosphere of happiness, creativity and art was simply amazing!


Read about the Gallery's Journey

Golden Duck's Mission

As world is going online, visual art tends to follow the flow. It’s great, as it can save you time & money.  Art is, though, truly perceptable only in person.

We can clearly detect the necessity of artists to share their art physically. Their opportunities remain quite limited, though. 

This is why The Golden Duck Gallery came to life. We believe that the time for being serious has passed forever. There is enough complication in the everyday life. There is a great demand for simplicity, comfort, coziness and happiness. So we will serve it!

The meeting point 

Even in the modern and fast-changing world art needs some kind of physical display. 

Golden Duck Gallery does everything to become the ideal meeting point for the people of art. Situated in the very heart of Budapest, on the Raday street with heavy tourist traffic and lots of attractions, our gallery struggles to be the best when it comes to art shows and exhibitions. 

We have a large, well-lit art space with professional lighting and special hanging system for the art to be safe and beautiful. We organize special programs and Grand-Openings for every new exhibition.  We have special services for artist to get the most comfort when exhibiting with us. 

But let's get exact - if you want to organize an exhibition with us, click that button below!


Stay connected

As a newborn gallery, we are happy to make new friends, both locally and internationally. So we have a plenty of options to stay tuned with you! 

If you have any ideas or questions, or just want information on our latest exhibitions & programs, fill out this form for us to contact you later!

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