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Come to Golden Duck

Golden Duck Gallery will be happy to host personal and group exhibitions in its premises after the founders of the gallery get a preliminary information and concept of the exhibition and provided it fits our gallery's philosophy. 

Art gallery with christmas trees and winter energy paintings on white walls


We would like to make our website easy to use and comfortable for you. As this page contains a lot of information, you can instantly jump to the section you need with the help of this menu!

Gallery features

160 sq.m. 

exhibition hall

10 m of 

street front

Professional spot and general lighting

Professional hanging system

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Gallery features

Exhibition  Packages 

We have worked out several packages depending on how long the exhibitions are held. 

Whole gallery

1 week

2 weeks

3 weeks

1 month

1.500 EUR

2.400 EUR

3.300 EUR

4.000 EUR

By territory

Main hall

Reception area


Small hall

750 EUR

350 EUR

1.300 EUR

600 EUR

1.900 EUR

800 EUR

2.500 EUR

1.000 EUR

350 EUR

600 EUR

800 EUR

1.000 EUR

300 EUR

500 EUR

650 EUR

800 EUR

All prices are subject to +27% VAT (if applicable)

Smaller bundles

If you want to display a smaller collection, you don't have to rent out the whole territory. We have worked out special bundles for wall rent. You can choose any wall in our gallery and exhibit there! Tap the button below to know more about wall rent prices!

Packages & Prices

Included services

All packages contain the following service bundle:

General Preparations

  • Organising the exhibition space, placing the artworks, taking off the artworks after the exhibition.

  • Information on the artists and their AS printed, framed and placed on the wall during the exhibition

  • Badges on each artwork in the gallery style including the name of the artwork, the name of the artist, the medium, the size and price if agreed

  • Cleaning services

Runtime Services

  • The exhibition will be open in the gallery opening hours that is Tue-Sat 14-19 or in other time by prior arrangement

  • The personnel present to show the artworks and give the needed information in 3 languages (Hungarian, English, Russian)

Opening Ceremony

  • Organising Opening Ceremonies with live music, singing  and dance in according to the clients preferences

  • Provision of the hall decorations (photo zone, flowers, etc), soft drinks, coffee, tea, wine  and salted and sweet snacks.

  • Introducing the exhibition during the ceremony

  • Certificate of participation signed by the gallery's founders in online or printed  for all participants


  • Arrangement of sales of the artworks. The gallery commission is 30% + 27% VAT on the 30% gallery's commission. A special afógreement is signed prior to the exhibition

  • Price catalogue printed and situated in the gallery for quick client service

Online Presence

  • Advertising the exhibition on the gallery's website, Facebook and Instagram account and in relevant FB and Instagram groups, printing and spreading flyers in the centre of Budapest, in restaurants and hotels

  • Online catalogue of the exhibition

  • FB and Instagram posts, stories & Reels with information about the artists & artworks presented in the exhibition made in 2 languages

  • Virtual video tour of the exhibition in the gallery

  • Online exhibition of the artworks on the Gallery’s website for one year after the physical exhibition started


  • The exhibition is presented during regular master-classes held in the gallery

  • Special events held in the gallery

Included services

Additional services

Art concierge service

40 EUR/artist

Professional reproduction photography

Studio portrait photography

10 EUR/photo

50 EUR/hour

Multi-camera interview
with the artist

200 EUR/hour

Printed catalogue of the exhibition

Prices vary

Additional sevices
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