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Abstract Art Show

Abstractum'24 is a celebration of the avant-garde, where artists push the boundaries of expression, inviting you to interpret and connect with their works on a personal level. From bold splashes of colour that evoke emotion to mezmerising patterns that challenge perception, this exhibition invites you to embrace the beauty of variety.

Join us in this captivating exploration of the abstract, where every piece is a conversation between the artist and the observer! Abstractum'24 is not just an art exhibition - it's an immersive experience that encourages you to dive into the unknown territories of imagination and appreciate the artistry that exists beyond the confines of the concrete. Welcome to a world where abstraction comes alive, and the canvas becomes a portal to infinite possibilities.

3d yellow rubber duck with black eyes

But wait, there is something else!

The winning masterpieces will shine in our physical gallery, with the finalists showcasing their brilliance in our virtual exhibition!

Winner's Gallery
Finalist's Gallery
No Limits Exhibit

Exhibition dates:


Grand opening: March 8, 18:00

March 2 - March 30

1092 Budapest, Raday u. 31/a

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