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NYCAT 2023

The mission of our gallery is to help artists showcase their creations to the world. To achieve this, we organize competitions and both online and offline exhibitions in the Golden Duck Gallery space.

Equally important to us is providing European artists with the opportunity to exhibit abroad, where art is traditionally more highly valued and interesting to a larger number of art enthusiasts.

It is in the development of international relations that we invest a significant amount of effort. 
Each international exhibition we host becomes another step in seeking new contacts.


The NYCat Catalogue is a perfect example of building such collaboration. After the international Art Bias 2023 exhibition, held in collaboration with the Teravarna Gallery, the art curator of the NOMADWORKS office complex, located in two skyscrapers in the heart of New York, in the center of Manhattan, near the Empire State Building and Times Square, approached us with a collaboration proposal.

In September 2023, we met with the company's CEO and art curator and signed an agreement to hold an annual exhibition of Hungarian artists in New York.

Catalogues 11.png

The exhibition will feature the winners of the competition, which will be organized by the Golden Duck Gallery in collaboration with the Nomadworks company. The jury will include representatives from both sides.

During the negotiations, we presented the NYCat catalogue to the Nomadworks leaders.


Meeting Tobe Roberts, Nomadworks Art Curator at the Nomadworks Empire State Building Headquarters in September, 2023.

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nomad-logo NBG.png



Times Square Office

Exhibition lasts

March 2024 - March 2025

International jury will decide on participants

The exhibition will feature the winners of the competition (Open Call), which will be organized by the Golden Duck Gallery in collaboration with the Nomadworks company. The jury will include representatives from both sides.


The art curator selected works that will participate in the exhibition outside of the competition.

The Nomadworks art curator noted that Hungarian artists' works are of very high quality, so there are plans for further collaboration, including cross-cultural exhibitions and digital art exhibitions.

Pre-selected artworks


The competition will be announced in February 2024.

All works published in the catalog can participate, but there are certain restrictions:


  • Medium-sized works (up to 70 cm in horizontal dimension) will be accepted for the competition

  • Works should be positive, bringing joy and a good mood, as this is the audience's preference in New York, and such artworks are often purchased.

  • There is no price limit but works priced up to $3,000 are more commonly purchased.

  • The New York audience prefers bright, vibrant, cheerful colors.

  • Realism and hyperrealism are not prioritized directions.

  • The audience appreciates non-standard works, including color choices, depicted objects, and composition.

Nomadworks does not charge a fee for displaying works, but the company's commission is 50%, so artists should consider that the final price for the consumer will be twice what they specify.

Organizational fee

An organizational fee will be charged for participation in the competition, and the amount will be specified later.

The competition winners' works and those selected by the art curator will be sent centrally by the Golden Duck Gallery.


This is convenient for both Nomadworks representatives and the artists, as group shipping will help reduce the cost of delivering works. Artists are responsible for the cost of delivery and packaging.

More detailed information will be published when the competition begins.



Contracts for exhibiting works will be made between the artists and Nomadworks. The Golden Duck Gallery will enter into contracts with artists for preparing works for the exhibition (preparation, design, and printing of information about the artist, and labels).

Exhibition Space

The works will be displayed at the Nomadworks Times Square Office Block. Nomadworks will ensure regular access for the general public to the exhibition on weekends and to the clients on weekdays. The exhibition will be promoted on Nomadworks' social media, the company's website, and in local press. In addition, throughout the year, Nomadworks clients will see the works – about 200 businessmen visit the company every working day.

#NYCAT 2023 

Catalogues 2.png

The catalog was created specifically for negotiations with Nomadworks. However, its use will not end there. In the future, the catalog will be shown to all partners of the Golden Duck Gallery in various countries.


For example, in November, the catalog will be shown to the leaders of several galleries in San Francisco, and in February 2024, in Los Angeles. In addition, we are currently in negotiations to organize exhibitions in Vienna and the south of France.

We will inform the NyCat participating artists about the results of the negotiations on this page.

Each artist who has paid to be included in the catalog can contact Catherine Váradi for personalized recommendations.

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