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August 18
October 4 - 14
Moussoulens, France


Art en liberté

Show & Plein Air Festival in France

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Liberté, egalité, fraternité!

Even 200 years later, those words still mean a lot to us all. The freedom of thought created the freedom of art we all praise and enjoy. Exploring France is a dream for many, so we at the Golden Duck Gallery want to take it to the next level with our partners - Bazar des Beaux Arts!


For 10 days, between

4 – 14 October, 2024

the Golden Duck Gallery is going to  France to hold the Art en liberté exhibition in the city hall of the town of Moussoulens.



up to 10 artworks

to the Art en liberté Open Call to win the chance to exhibit in France. 


The winning artworks shall be taken to the physical exhibition in Moussoulens, France and represented by a large French art association, the Bazar des Beaux Arts!


Master-classes and plein air painting are on the bucket list also!

Hungarian national cuisine presentation will also be held during the exhibition.

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We have great news for you! You can join us on this exciting journey. 

Submit artworks

How many artworks you submit?

Important links:


Submission details

The submission prices start at $40 for the first artwork, adding a certain amount to pay for every additional artwork. You can submit up to 10 artworks. 

Please, note that 

Google account is needed to submit!


The Art en liberté Open Call submission runs till August 18.
The results will be announced till August 26.

Shipping must be complete by the September 25. 

Arwork number

Contact information

Please provide us with email and telephone numbers that you can easily check. Our colleagues do their best to reach out if they have any information.

Artistic Conditions

Feel free to submit:

  • physical & digital paintings,

  • sculptures,

  • photography,

  • videos,

  • any type of mixed media


How many artworks you submit?

Conditions of being chosen

The Art en liberté Open Call has the main goal of running an exhibition popular with the local French audience. So here is how to maximize your chances to be there on our walls. 

The top tricks are as follows: 

  • Consider submitting watercolor and pastel artworks, as they are popular with the French audience and art lovers 

  • Consider submitting medium-sized artworks (around 60x80 cm)

  • Make sure your artwork is not too heavy


Why to submit?

Physical exhibition

The main prize of the 

Art en liberté Open Call 

is the opportunity to exhibit your brilliant artwork physically 

in Moussoulens, France between

October 4 - 14, 2024.

Easy submission

The submission process is easy and gathers all the necessary marketing information to represent your artwork.

Awards & Prizes

We pay money prizes in the following categories:

Best of Show Award - €200

Customer Care

Our colleagues are trained to solve all the issues that might occur. You will never be in a difficult situation on your own.


The Moussoulens Town Hall, where the exhibition shall be held, gives home to several artistic and cultural events throughout the year. The local public is also highly interested in every event the Town Hall hosts. 

Secure Payment

The payment for our Open Call is securely handled by the world-famous payment operators Stripe and PayPal.


How many artworks you submit?


We pay money prizes

Best of Show Award


1 winner

How many artworks you submit?

Open Call Timeline


Till August 18


August 19 - 25


August 26


Till September 25


October 4 - 14

Shipping information 

The winning artworks must arrive to Budapest

before September 25, 2024.

Please note, that the artworks arriving at a later date might be denied of physical exhibition!

For those artists who ship from France, Belgium, the Netherlands, the UK, Spain, Portugal: 

  • Please contact us on to arrange direct shipment to France.

  • Please note that the artworks must arrive before September 25, 2024.

In the last days of September the Golden Duck Gallery shall take the exhibition to Moussoulens, France, by car. 


The shipping address is: 

1092 Hungary, Budapest

Raday utca 31/a 

Golden Duck Gallery

I won. What’s next? 

Congratulations! If you win in the Open Call, you will get an email with the congratulations and all the instructions. Then the exciting preparations may start.

1. Pack your artworks properly.

  • The packaging you provide must be re-usable in case the artwork has to be packed and unpacked several times.

  • The packaging you provide should be protective, so the artwork wouldn't get any damage during shipping. 

2. Ship your winning artworks.  For more shipping information please consider the Shipping information section of this page.

​​Please note, that only Winner artworks shall be exhibited physically, while Finalist artworks shall only be on display online. You don't have to ship your artwork before the jury ends or if you are a finalist!

3.  Provide our administration team with all the necessary information via email.

4.  Consider joining us on the trip to France (organised separately).


5.  Consider taking part in the Plein Air program during the exhibition (needs speacial registration) 


6.  Please note, that the online exhibition shall be available on the 8th of October, 2024. We do it to drive more attention to the physical exhibition.



Moussoulens is located in the Carcassès, a historical territory centered around the city of Carcassonne. This region sits between the foothills of the Pyrenees mountains and the Massif Central, a mountainous area in south-central France.

The Gorges de la Frau unveil a hidden world of sheer cliffs, cascading waterfalls, and hiking trails that snake through vibrant greenery. A different kind of wonder awaits in the Montagne Noire, where jagged limestone formations create a labyrinth of caves and sinkholes, some harboring hidden rivers that whisper secrets of the earth.

The region is a haven for wine lovers. Vineyards sprawl across the rolling hills, producing renowned wines like Corbières and Minervois.


No exploration of Carcassonne is complete without indulging in its culinary delights. Cassoulet, a hearty stew brimming with white beans, succulent meats, and a soul-warming broth, is a local treasure.


We believe in fair competition. The artists deserve a fair, non-personal jury that does not pay attention to the names, concentrating only on the quality of art. That is why blind jury is applied to all our open calls. 

We also would like you to know who shall be in charge of choosing the artworks for the Art en liberté exhibition. Of course, the Golden Duck Gallery cooperates with the local art association - Bazar des Beaus Arts. The founders of the association are also on the jury board. 

Catherine Varadi

Golden Duck Gallery 





Bazar des Beaux Arts 




Bazar des Beaux Arts 



Moussoulens Town Hall

Great feast of art

Moussoulens Town Hall hosts several cultural events every year. Our partner, the Bazar des Beaux Arts has already cooperated with the Moussoulens administration on several occasions, always getting a high level of hospitality and a lot of help and guidance.

As many cultural events are held there, the local public is also highly interested in all the programs that take place here. 


About us


Szalma Júlia
About ArtDeco 2024
Open Call

Tisztelt Szervezők! 
Nagyon szépen köszönöm a lehetőséget, hogy egy ilyen színvonalas kiállításon is részt vehetek. Jól kezdődik ez az év!!!!!! :) 
Szívélyes üdvözletem, további jó munkát es sikerekben gazdag Új Esztendőt az egész csapatnak! 
Szalma J
úlia (Sz. Szabó Júlia)


Anita Jozsef, Hungary
About ChristmArt 2023  Open Call

Thanks for the lovely exhibition, Catherine. Kind regards and cheers. Anita


Nldhi Panwar
About ChristmArt 2023  Open Call

Thank you so much for the opportunity to submit for the show!


Nagy Kálmán
About ArtDeco 2024
Open Call

Nagyon örülök, hogy bejutottam!


Gulyás-Németh Georgina, Hungary

About ChristmArt 2023  Open Call

Nagyon szépen köszönjük  a tegnapi kiállítást,  minden tiszteletem a 3 nyelven megtartott köszöntőért, kedvességért, profizmusért és hogy a művészek támogatása mellett még jó ügyet is képviselnek a vakvezető kutyák támogatásával! 

Nagyon jó érzés volt, hogy saját kutyusomat sem kellett otthon hagyni, nem tudok elég hálás lenni!


Kolozsvári Edit
About ArtDeco 2024
Open Call

Hálásan köszönöm a lehetőséget!  Minden nyertesnek és döntősnek, szívből Gratulálok

Thank you very much for the opportunity! Congratulations to all the winners and finalists!


Eva Laszlone Wagner
About ArtDeco 2024
Open Call

Nagyon boldog vagyok, hogy az ArtDeco pályázat nyertesei közé tartozhatok.  Nagy elimerés ez nekem. Köszönöm és további bátorítást ad a festéshez.


How it works

1. Please first choose the number of artworks you would like to submit.

2. On the online store page click BUY.

3. Fill in the necessary information and choose the payment option (Stripe for debit/credit cards or PayPal).

4. After payment you will receive your confirmation email with the PDF with the link to the submission page.

  • You can also access the same PDF from your Order successful page that you see after the successful payment.

5. Click the Download button. 

6. Open the downloaded PDF file.

  • PDF files can be opened in a variety of different software. The most popular ones are Google Chrome, Adobe Acrobat Reader, Microsoft Word. 

7. In the opened file click the Complete submission

8. A Google Forms page will open. Please log in to your Google Account!

9. Provide all the necessary information and click the Submit in the end. 

How many artworks you submit?


Still having troubles?
Please describe the problem here. 

Thank you for your time. Our colleagues will contact you soon!

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