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New York
Nomad Show 24

Exhibit your art in the heart of New York!

      Following the principles stated in our mission, the Golden Duck Gallery is proudly presenting its first show abroad! We invite all artists who would like to make their first big step into the American art market to our New York Nomad Show. You can submit your artworks in our art open call to exhibit your art in New York!

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February 15, 2024
March 2024 - March 2025
Nomadworks, NYC, USA

We are proud that

You, becoming our clients, have an opportunity to

  • exhibit your art in the heart of Manhattan, New York City, USA 

  • in a beautiful and modern art space a block away from Times Square

  • visited by avg. 130-200 people daily 

  • in a long-term exhibition lasting for an entire year 

  • with paid excursions on weekends

  • with a chance to sell on the most prestigious art market of the world

Seeing someone emerge is the greatest feeling ever. As the Golden Duck's team, we are in the pursuit of this feeling since the moment we launched. Having organized over 14 art shows & exhibitions in the 2023 season, we are proud to provide this unique opportunity to our fellow artists, partners whom we consider friends. We are grateful to our partners at Nomadworks, who offered us this chance to organise an exhibition at their fantastic venue. We are happy that our joint effort on the NYCAT 2023 Art Catalogue has already given its first results in a fantastic exhibition we call the New York Nomad Show. 

We are waiting for you to join us!

Why to submit with us? 


Great venue

The Nomadworks offers a great location where art will definitely be seen by art lovers and also potential customers. 


Delivery expertise

You don't have to ship the items to the USA and deal with long customs clearance process. We take care of the shipping and customs ourselves.


Easy submission

The submission process is easy and gathers all the necessary marketing information to represent your artwork.


Customer Care

Our colleagues are trained to solve all the issues that might occur. You will never be in a difficult situation on your own.



We have already successfully handled 17 shows both in Europe & USA, gaining all the expertise needed.


Secure Payment

The payment for our Open Call is securely handled by the world-famous payment operators Stripe and PayPal.

Submission details


The submission is paid and available in packages. In each package you have the opportunity to upload up to 3, 5 or 10 artworks. The packages start at $49.99 for the 3 artworks package, adding another $50 for every step.  

To participate, simply select the number of artworks you would like to submit or scroll down to learn more about the submission guidelines.

Please note that there are no hidden costs in entering the submission. Nevertheless, winning the Open Call may cause additional costs from shipping and processing the show. Please read the Submission Guidelines, Costs and Contracts sections on this page to know more about the legal part of the Open Call. 


The New York Nomad 2024 Open Call runs from January 1, 2024 till

February 15, 2024. 

The results will be announced till February 20, 2024. 

Shipping must be complete by March 10, 2024.

Shipping information

We know that shipping to the US is complex, stressful and expensive. This is why we at Golden Duck Gallery are keen to provide you with an easy and handy solution for every problem in case you win in the Open Call. For all our clients from Europe, Africa & Asia we offer the following shipping process: you ship your artworks to our venue in Hungary, where the individual artworks will be repacked in one collective package and then shipped to the US. This way we can guarantee that our shipping colleagues will deal with all the issues with shipping, customs and last mile delivery for you.  This is why the shipment to the Golden Duck Gallery has to be completed by the 10th of March, 2024. Yes, the deadlines are tight, but a one-year show in New York is worth it, ain't it?

Submission Guidelines

Choose to submit

We don’t have any products to show right now.

We don’t have any products to show right now.

We don’t have any products to show right now.

We don’t have any products to show right now.

We don’t have any products to show right now.

We don’t have any products to show right now.


Open Call Timeline



Jan 1 -  Feb 15



Feb 15-19



Feb 20



Till March 10



APR 2024 - 25


The office buildings are located on Broadway and near Times Square, serving up to 200 dynamic entrepreneurs a day.  With great coworking spaces, meeting rooms, conference halls it is an elegant and charming place for every businessman. 

Seeking perfection is never easy. With 2 locations and all-in-all 5 floors to manage, Nomadworks is a coworking office space that exceeds our imagination. 


Thus coworking seems a bit far from art, Nomadworks exceeds the limits of imagination in terms of artistic management. 

Hundreds of magneficent artworks shine in pride on those walls, giving the offices a unique feel and a tempting design.  

Apart from just being part of the interior design, those artworks also form an exhibition. Paid guided tours are organized on weekends on a regular basis. 

Submission Guidelines

Submission Guidelines

Artistic Conditions

The New York Nomad 2024 Open Call has  some slight limitations in the form of your artworks. You can submit any artwork related to any topic or category, but we await decorative artworks that fit people's homes perfectly and are not too expensive. Digital art can be accepted in case it is designed to be printed as a decoration. 

Accepted Art Categories

There is absolute freedom in the categories. Feel free to submit both physical and digital paintings, sculptures, photography or any type of mixed media.


The deadline for submission is the 15th of February, 2024.

Please note that this deadline will not be extended. 

The results will be published on the 20th of February, 2024.

The winners will be informed via email. 

Submission Fees

The New York Nomad 2024 Open Call has submission fee as follows:

  • 3 artworks - $49.99

  • 5 artworks - $110

  • 10 artworks - $139

Conditions of being chosen

Basically, you can submit any artwork in any artistic style and topic. We have no limitations in terms of what artwork do you submit. Nevertheless, the New York Nomad 2024 Open Call has the main goal of running a successful art exhibition in New York City. In order to archieve this goal you need to present artworks that will potentially be liked by the local audience of art lovers. This is why we would like to share some tips&tricks for you to know how to maximize your chances to be there on our walls. 

The top tricks are as follows: 

  • Make sure your art is decorative, colorful, joyful, pleasant (does not depict anything unpleasant, disgusting, protestive, easily fits most of the modern interiors

  • Make sure your artwork costs maximum 1500 EUR 

  • Make sure your artwork is not too big (we thought about paintings not more than 60x80cm)

Nomadworks Commission

Please be informed that Nomadworks has 50% sales commission in case the artwork is sold during the exhibition period. 

Nomadworks Exclusive Sales Rights

Please be informed that during the exhibition period of March 5, 2024 - April 30, 2025, Nomadworks has exclusive rights on sales of the winning artworks. In case the artist sells the artwork violating the Exclusive Sales Rights, Nomadworks applies 75% commission on that sale. 

Technical Conditions

For submitting to the NYC Nomad Show '24 Open Call you will need to provide us with high-quality images of your artwork in JPEG or PNG file format. We do not define a minimum or maximum resolution of the image as different artworks might have different criteria of a high-quality image. Instead we set the maximum size of the file of 25 MB.

Copyright  Conditions

You can only submit original artworks created by yourself for the New York Nomad 2024 Open Call. In case you are not the author and/or creator of the artwork, please make sure you are eligible for the copyright of the artwork. 

As the organiser of the New York Nomad 2024 Open Call, the Golden Duck Gallery hereby states that all images collected during the Submission process of this open call will be treated securely and used only with the following intentions: 

  • Running the jury process (the images are organized in spreadsheet and made visible for the jury only and are not accessible for the general public at this point) 

For those images that are chosen for exhibition purposes (winners or finalists of the Open Call) will be used in the following ways: 

  • The images will be published to the web page of the online exhibition on the Golden Duck Gallery website. 

  • The images may be published to the Golden Duck Gallery and Nomadworks social media pages, such as Instagram, Facebook and TikTok pages for information purposes and promotion purposes. 

  • The images may be used with promotional purposes that include online and offline marketing materials (banner advertisements, search-based advertisements, promoted social media posts and stories, printed flyer ads, newspaper and magazine ads) that promote the New York Nomad 2024  show in the Nomadworks Times Square venue to its potential visitors. The promotional usage will be stopped by the 2nd of April, 2025.

  • The images may be used to create a printable & online catalogue of the New York Nomad 2024 Show and a digestive catalogue containing all the artworks exhibited in a certain period of time (e.g. the catalogue of 2024 or a digest of several years, e.g. 2022-2026)

Please note that the right of the Golden Duck Gallery to use the images for the purpose of promotion and catalogue creation do not result the obligation for the Gallery and its owners to do so. 

Please note that by submitting for the Abstractum 24' Open Call you accept the Copyright Conditions. If you do not want to give your consent to this type of usage, the Golden Duck Gallery reserves its right to deny your participance in the Abstractum 24' Open Call and Show as the Golden Duck Gallery cannot provide the service as stipulated above.