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Traveller's Art Fair

Affordable Art Show & Open Call

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   Here we are. The summer is coming to an end, the folks are going out for holidays, concerts, festivals. It's August, after all. Everyone is in a great mood and in a big search of a great memory.


So let us create memories! 

June 10
July 30 - August 30
Golden Duck Gallery



The Golden Duck Gallery launches the Traveller's Art Fair to celebrate affordable & decorative art. 

We believe that the budget segment of art should be definitely presented, as not all the customers can pay more. But if they can buy something unique on a tight budget, than why not? 

We search for small and mid-sized artworks that can be easily fitted in a modern interior, decorative and not too high in price. 

Submit up to 10 artworks and exhibit your gorgeous art physically in our brilliant gallery for nearly a month in August!


Dive deeper into the details below to know all the intriguing details of the Traveller's Art Fair.

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We pay money prizes

Best of Show Award


1 winner

Talent Award


2 winners

Golden Duck's Prize


3 winners


Why to submit?


Physical exhibition

The main prize of the Traveller's Art Fair is the opportunity to exhibit your brilliant artwork both physically and virtually in the Golden Duck Gallery between

5 - 30 May, 2024 


Easy submission

The submission process is easy and gathers all the necessary marketing information to represent your artwork.


Awards & Prizes

We pay money prizes in the following categories:

Best of Show Award - $100

Shocking Truth Award - $50

Natura Prize - $30


Customer Care

Our colleagues are trained to solve all the issues that might occur. You will never be in a difficult situation on your own.


Gallery location

Our gallery is situated in the city centre on the second touristic avenue filled with restaurants, theatres, galleries and gift shops. The street front with large windows attracts a lot of attention of the people passing by. 


Secure Payment

The payment for our Open Call is securely handled by the world-famous payment operators Stripe and PayPal.


Submission details

The submission prices start at $20 for the first artwork, adding another $5 for every additional artwork.  You can submit up to 10 artworks. 

To participate, simply select the number of artworks you would like to submit. 

Please note that you will need to sign in your Google Account to submit. 


The submission for the Traveller's Art Fair runs till June 10 

The results will be announced till June 21 

Shipping must be complete by July 20

Arwork number

Contact information

Due to tight deadlines and short delivery times we ask you to provide us with email and telephone numbers that you can easily check. Our colleagues do their best to reach out if they have any information.

Artistic Conditions

Feel free to submit:

  • physical & digital paintings,

  • sculptures,

  • photography,

  • videos,

  • any type of mixed media

Conditions of being chosen

The Traveller's Art Fair has the main goal of running an affordable decorative art exhibition. So here are some tips & tricks for you to know how to maximize your chances to be there on our walls. 

The top tricks are as follows: 

  • Make sure your art is priced below 1000 EUR.

  • Consider submitting smaller artworks (50x40 cm or below) 

  • If your artwork depicts Hungarian sights or traditional elements (e.g. Chain Bridge, paprika etc. ) , that would be considered as advantage too


Submit now!

Open Call Timeline