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Sándor Zicherman's solo exhibition is now open!

The solo exhibition of Sándor Zicherman (1935-2021) entitled "Ages. Colors. Styles" can be viewed in the Golden Duck gallery from May 5th. We organized it together with the artist's family. The Grand Opening has already taken place, which was held on Saturday, May 6th at 5 p.m.

It is very difficult to express what I felt at the opening of the exhibition... For the first time, we exhibited the pictures of an artist who is no longer here with us. However, I felt like he was there with us... It's a strange and very touching feeling, I wonder if anyone else felt this?

Sándor Zicherman created for more than 60 years, he not only painted, but also made mosaics, statues, and medals, and was a graphic artist, leaving behind a large number of works. Of course, only a very small part of this was exhibited, but you can still see an artwork that he painted in 1955, as well as one that he created in 2020. You can see how far he has come, how his art has become deeper and more thought-provoking... I don't say "more beautiful", because all his paintings are simply amazing, in all of them you can see what an interesting person Sandor was - cheerful, smart, hard-working, colorful personality.

From the short presentation of the art historian Marian Olbert, we learned a lot about how Sandor's artistic journey was shaped, his wife Zinaida Zicherman, and his son Zoltán Zicherman said very intimate things about the deeply loved head of the family.

The exhibition can only be viewed until May 19th, so hurry up, it's worth seeing with your own eyes!

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