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Golden Duck  goes East!

Original painting of two eagles flying around each other in circle with a deep red background

Golden Duck is happy to annouce that we are participants of Qatar International Art Festival!

QIAF is one of the largest art festivals in Qatar that takes place every year. The festival takes place in the very  heart of Doha. The city has been becoming a place where plethora of art related activities take place every year. It has become a privilege for an artist to be in Qatar. Here one can get amazing opportunities to exhibit their skills and add a few feathers of recognition in their plume.

It provides professional platform to the artists in Qatar and from all over the World. The festival helps many international artists in gaining recognition and selling their artworks in Qatar. In 2010, Qatar was declared a cultural country of the region. The festival provides a good exposure to the visiting artists to the beautiful country of Qatar.


Exhibition dates: 

25 - 30 September 

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