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Natura Art Show

Where art celebrates nature

Join us on a captivating journey through the eyes of talented artists who have drawn inspiration from landscapes, plants, and animals to create a breathtaking collection of paintings and other artistic marvels! Nature show brings the gallery to life with vibrant colours depicting dark forests, peaceful meadows, and the untamed beauty of wildlife. Immerse in the diverse interpretations of nature's beauty, as each piece tells a unique story of the artist's connection with the environment. From the delicate brushstrokes capturing the essence of blooming flowers to the bold strokes portraying majestic landscapes, Nature Show invites you to explore the deep connection between art and nature wonders!

This exhibition broadens traditional boundaries, featuring a diverse variety of mediums and techniques that showcase the boundless creativity inspired by nature. Whether it's the graceful flight of a bird, the vibrant colours of a sunset, or the quiet elegance of a solitary tree, each artwork serves as a window into the profound beauty that surrounds us.

Join us in celebrating the artistry of nature, where various materials magically transport us to the great outdoors. Nature Show is more than a simple exhibition - it's an example of how the world we inhabit inspires artists. Welcome to a world where landscapes come to life and the spirit of the wild is captured on canvas!

3d yellow rubber duck with black eyes
List of Winners & Finalists

But that's not all!

The winning masterpieces will shine in our physical gallery, with the finalists showcasing their brilliance in our virtual exhibition!

Winner's Gallery
Finalist's Gallery
No Limits Exhibit

Exhibition dates:


1092 Budapest, Raday u. 31/a

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