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"He went many ways but he knew that the music was his predestination!"

An extraordinary episode awaits you on Zalatnai Brigitta's podcast titled "ÉletVezetés - Zenei élet a festmények között" (Life Management - Musical life between paintings) as the incredible Catherine Váradi makes a special appearance with Sándor Csoóri. It was an absolute delight to join forces with the wonderful host and share an unforgettable conversation.

The episode takes a captivating dive into Golden Duck Gallery cooperation with the “Ötödik Évszak” (“Fifth season”) contemporary folk music band . Every month at the Golden Duck Gallery, a special music club awaits the public with the life-affirming band of Sándor Csoóri. Step into an enchanting evening at the gallery, where the air is alive with the soulful melodies of the band. The music becomes a shared language, fostering new friendships and renewing old bonds.

In this wonderful discussion we talk about how Catherine Varadi and Sándor Csoóri found their true purpose in life and shared experience on a journey to reach their full potential. Music and painting often share an intangible bond, as artists use rhythm, color, and emotion to create resonant experiences across different senses.

Join us on this episode as we explore unique connection between music and paintings at the Golden Duck Gallery Art Space. This is a conversation you won't want to miss!

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