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A Duck's vision

Some people around us live in a world of fairytales. Their view exceeds the limitations of reality. They express their feelings through shades, strokes and colors. Their main mission is to share their view with others, bring this magical world to everyone. We call them artists.

As world is going online, visual art tends to follow the flow. It’s great, as it can save you time & money. Art is, though, truly perceptable only in person.


We can clearly feel artist's demand to share their art physically. Their opportunities remain quite limited, though. We can also see the borders between artists blocking their talent from being revealed.


 We believe the time for a change has come. We don’t want to be silent, to create in silence. We don’t want to live in silence anymore. We would like to make history of our time, of our city, of our neighborhood. We would like to create our own vibrations, shaking the whole world of artists!


We would like all artists to live an exciting and fascinating life, as we will be happier with them.


Черный фон

The Duck's mission

This is why The Golden Duck Gallery came to life. We believe that the time for being serious has passed forever. There is enough complication in the everyday life. There is a great demand for simplicity, comfort, coziness and happiness. So we will serve it!


We want our gallery to be quite special. Being a traditional art space where art is presented in a traditional way is a bit boring for us. We are dreaming of a new exciting space for presenting art and meeting new people. A space of future consisting of experienced professionals.


We invite you to become part of this new and active society!

What do we offer


160 sq.m. of art space in one of the most frequently visited streets in Budapest with high local and tourist traffic and lots of other destination


10 meters of street front and wide windows for everyone to see what's inside the gallery


Professional LED spot reflectors with adjustable color and focused light

LED general lighting for any event with high CRI for photos &videos 

Extra-durable hooks for the paintings hold up 5kg each


An opportunity to present your art physically and meet your fans in person


Personal or group exhibitions for any artist's taste 

Art events, competitions, performances and masterminds – everything you may ever need apart of an exhibition


Online presence through our website, social media and YouTube


Collaborations with several international projects, foreign galleries and art associations


Help for young artists

Черный фон

Let's keep in touch

We await every artist of any age and style who’s active and willing to present his/her art to others.

Any fine art or sculpture can be presented, there is only one limitation: the physical size of our art space!

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+36 30 219 1043

+36 20 250 6441

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