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Indian Summer

by Ötödik Évszak (Fifth Season)

Sept 21
6 p.m.

4.000 HUF

Ticket reservation for 

Indian Summer

by Ötödik Évszak (Fifth Season)

Sept. 21 

Ticket price

4000 HUF

Seating info

Free seating upon arrival

Payment info

Cash or card payments available personally at the Golden Duck Gallery in working hours & 15 minutes before the concert starts!

To reserve your tickets, please fill in the following information!


Thank you! Can't wait to meet you!

Quality music for an elegant audience

The Seasons Gallery Music Club by Golden Duck Gallery offers a brand-new & unique opportunity to enjoy quality music in a true artistic ambience. Our partners, the Ötödik Évszak orchestra is dedicated to reimagine both Hungarian and French folk music by adding contemporary elements to the classical sound of well-known motives. 

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The Fifth Season

The novel sound and unique themes of the Ötödik Évszak (The Fifth Season) group are revealed through the poetry hidden within its lyrics, the interplay between the musicality of the Hungarian and French languages, the showcasing of the lesser-known aspects of traditional folk music values, through a fresh expression of folk music culture, as well as through the richness and range that chamber music lends itself to.

Their musical compositions takelisteners on an emotionally varied and virtuosic journey that explores the peaks of joy anddynamism, the pulses of life and affirmations, and the somber depths of melancholy.

The group’s Hungarian-French singer, Isabella Caussanel, draws upon her own well of
experiences and taps into her self-truth to breathe soul into their work. Ötödik Évszak,
occasionally inviting guest musicians to perform alongside them, considers traditional folk
music part of the legacy of European culture, in which the works themselves, as intellectual
heritage, are an imprint of the community.


Let's meet again at the Golden Duck Gallery for a new joint art program with the award-winning Ötödik Évszak (Fifth Season) band!


18:00- Gate opening, excursion on the current exhibition, opportunity to talk to the musicians 

19:00 - the concert by Ötödik Évszak

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