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it's alwaysMUSIC SEASON

The Golden Duck Gallery and the Ötödik Évszak are happy to announce the 2024 season of our Music Club! It is your unique opportunity to enjoy quality music in a true artistic ambience. 

We have prepared four different music programs for you. You can celebrate the spring season on our concerts, accompanied by some quality wine, unique visuals and great music in an unforgettable atmosphere!



We announce our new program, the Poetry Day, a concert by the Ötödik Évszak band and a shining guest - Nóvé Soma!

Get prepared for a great evening filled with outstanding music, Hungarian poetry and of course, many new stories by our beloved musicians! 

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  • Thu, Apr 11
    Apr 11, 2024, 6:00 PM – 9:30 PM
    Budapest, Budapest, Ráday u. 31a, 1092 Hungary
    Ötödik Évszak koncertje a költészet napja alkalmából. A koncert két felvonásból áll. A koncert előtt és a szünetben állófogadással várjuk vendégeinket!

Music in a gallery? Why?

As paints should be properly mixed on a palette to form a unique color, music should also be a bright and unique mix of traditions in order to win a place in your heart. Only this way music forms a large canvas, where different feelings can be expressed freely. Just like in modern visual art! 

As a gallery we would like to surprise our guests with something truly special. Someone thinking out of the box, someone who mixes the paints the other way to get a unique result - this is who we wanted to present! 

Our perfect match!

Ötödik Évszak is a band where the traditions of folk meet the freedom of modern music. 

The burning fire of Gypsy motives mixes up with calming vocals of the French.  Generations of musicians form a new music family. 

Intrigued? Explore more facts about the band here!

The atmosphere

Of course, we need to match the artistic vibes of the band with a unique & elegant atmosphere. 

So how does it all look like? 

  • At 18:00 the gates open up for you! For an hour you will have the opportunity to enjoy the exhibition displayed on our walls. Our colleagues will be happy to serve you with some quality wine &  guide you through the top picks of the month, as we have a wide variety of shows. Of course, you will have the opportunity to pick your seats also, as the seating is free. 

  • At 19:00 the concert starts with a short introduction of the exhibition displayed and the bands playing. The first part of the concert lasts for 45 - 55 minutes. Usually our starring guest bands play in this period. 

  • The interval is usually 10-15 minutes long, and it vastly depends on you, as you are free to talk to the musicians and our colleagues during this time. 

  • The second part of the concert lasts about 40-45 minutes.  After the concert you can enjoy your wine and talk freely.

The family legends

Csoóri Sándor Jr. (Sündi)

The founder of the Ötödik Évszak band may be called everyone but an ordinary person. He was born in a family with strong artistic traditions, where every name is legendary.


His father, Csoóri Sándor, is a true folk music star in Hungary. Back in 1973 he founded the Muzsikás együttes (The Musicians' Band and the Magyar Dudazenekar (Hungarian Pipe Orchestra), starting a new era of Hungarian folk music and driving more and more attention to the national traditions and customs. Sündi learned a lot about music from him, implementing those skills into the band's culture.

His grandfather, Sándor Csoóri, was a famous Hungarian poet and writer. Sündi spent a lot of time with him, listening to his stories and talking to him for long hours. The tradititons of Hungarian literature and Sándor Csoóri's poems created a great foundation for Sündi's modern interpretations of folk music traditions. 

Sündi was one of the founders of the successful Buda Folk Band. Founded in 2007, this band was extremely popular both in Hungary and abroad, giving the Hungarian folk music tradition a new feel. After this story came to an end, he founded the Ötödik évszak together with Isabella Caussanel, continuing this tradition in a new form. 

Isabella Caussanel 

Born in Paris, Isabella mixes the French tradition with Hungarian roots. This double culture made her extremely popular with the Hungarian audience. Isabella grew up in France, but chose Hungary when she was only 18 - and it

was a good choice indeed!

A good beginning

Isabella first heard Sündi playing in the Buda Folk Band in her childhood. She was 15 when she first met Sündi, and she was absolutely sure she will sing with him and for his band someday. This grew into an extremely successful cooperation later.  The first album of the Ötödik Évszak band immediately became a top-chart pick in Hungary and even in Europe, driving a lot of attention and earning valuable national awards. 


Her other big success is another collaboration - this time with Lilla Orbay. Isabella and Lilla first met during their conservatory years in Budapest and later founded the Ephemere, a band mixing jazz, folk and chanson traditions into a great-sounding modern fusion. 

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