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Exhibit in the heart of Vienna!


October 16
December 1 - 14
City Gallery Vienna

Classic Pearl Opera Glasses.F03_edited.p

zum Opernhaus

Do you dream of your artworks shown on a shiny exhibition in the heart of Vienna?

Do you believe you can have the best place in Christmas season? 

Everything is real for you now!


The Golden Duck Gallery and the City Gallery Vienna launch the Christmas zum Opernhaus Show & Open Call!

We believe in miracles. Especially when in it holidays' time! 

That is why you get the unique opportunity to get your art on show in a gallery situated

within 100 m from the Vienna Opera House!

What is even better, your art will be on sale in the hottest Christmas period -

December 1 - 14! 

To get in you have to submit for the Open Call. You can enter the contest with up to 10 artworks on nearly any topic and get a chance to win a place in City Gallery Vienna for this shining period?

Classic Iron Gazebo.G16_edited.png

Do you see it? Can you feel that unique atmosphere? The tempting scent of glühwein and Christmas cookies? The freezing freshness of the air? 

'Cos this is what Vienna is about. Christmas season is far the best time to visit the city, so in December the Vienna city centre is flooded by tourists from all over the world. People of all folks come to buy presents and to get the unprecedented feeling of the incoming saint holidays. The feeling of coziness, love and safety, long forgotten since childhood times. 

This is Christmas. This is Vienna.

This is why you should be there. 


Submission details

The submission prices start at $20 for the first artwork, adding another $5 for every additional artwork.  You can submit up to 10 artworks. 

To participate, simply select the number of artworks you would like to submit or scroll down to learn more about the submission guidelines.


The ChristmART Show & Open Call submission runs till September 16

The results will be announced till September 20 

Shipping must be complete by the Oct. 22

Arwork number

Contact information

Due to tight deadlines and short delivery times we ask you to provide us with email and telephone numbers that you can easily check. Our colleagues do their best to reach out if they have any information.

Artistic Conditions

Feel free to submit:

  • physical & digital paintings,

  • sculptures,

  • photography,

  • videos,

  • any type of mixed media

Conditions of being chosen

The ChristmART Show & Open Call has the main goal of running an affordable art exhibition. So here are some tips & tricks for you to know how to maximize your chances to be there on our walls. 

The top tricks are as follows: 

  • Consider submitting smaller artworks (50x40 cm or below) 

  • If your artwork depicts Hungarian sights or traditional elements (e.g. Chain Bridge, paprika etc. ) , that would be considered as advantage too

  • If your artwork depicts Christmas elements (e.g. Chain Bridge, paprika etc. ) , that would be considered as advantage too


Why to submit?


Physical exhibition

The main prize of the ChristmART Show & Open Call is the opportunity to exhibit your brilliant artwork both physically and virtually in the Golden Duck Gallery between

5 - 30 May, 2024 


Easy submission

The submission process is easy and gathers all the necessary marketing information to represent your artwork.


Awards & Prizes

We pay money prizes in the following categories:

Best of Show Award - $200

Talent Award - $50

Duck Special Prize - $30


Customer Care

Our colleagues are trained to solve all the issues that might occur. You will never be in a difficult situation on your own.


Gallery location

Our gallery is situated in the city centre on the second touristic avenue filled with restaurants, theatres, galleries and gift shops. The street front with large windows attracts a lot of attention of the people passing by. 


Secure Payment

The payment for our Open Call is securely handled by the world-famous payment operators Stripe and PayPal.


We pay money prizes

Best of Show Award


1 winner

Shocking Truth Award


2 winners

Natura Prize


3 winners


Submit now!

Open Call Timeline



Till June 10



September 17-20



September 20



Dct. 22



Nov. 5 - Dec. 31

Image by Bence Balla-Schottner


There is no better place for art lovers than Budapest, we believe. The Golden Duck Gallery serves as a stunning place for meeting art from all over the world in one place. Start preparing for spring with us!

After the grey colors of winter Budapest starts to regain its true colors in March. The picteresque city becomes colorful again, creating a gorgeous backdrop for any type of art.


Written about our work


Szalma Júlia
About ArtDeco 2024
Open Call

Tisztelt Szervezők! 
Nagyon szépen köszönöm a lehetőséget, hogy egy ilyen színvonalas kiállításon is részt vehetek. Jól kezdődik ez az év!!!!!! :) 
Szívélyes üdvözletem, további jó munkát es sikerekben gazdag Új Esztendőt az egész csapatnak! 
Szalma J
úlia (Sz. Szabó Júlia)


Anita Jozsef, Hungary
About ChristmArt 2023  Open Call

Thanks for the lovely exhibition, Catherine. Kind regards and cheers. Anita


Nldhi Panwar
About ChristmArt 2023  Open Call

Thank you so much for the opportunity to submit for the show!


Nagy Kálmán
About ArtDeco 2024
Open Call

Nagyon örülök, hogy bejutottam!


Gulyás-Németh Georgina, Hungary

About ChristmArt 2023  Open Call

Nagyon szépen köszönjük  a tegnapi kiállítást,  minden tiszteletem a 3 nyelven megtartott köszöntőért, kedvességért, profizmusért és hogy a művészek támogatása mellett még jó ügyet is képviselnek a vakvezető kutyák támogatásával! 

Nagyon jó érzés volt, hogy saját kutyusomat sem kellett otthon hagyni, nem tudok elég hálás lenni!


Kolozsvári Edit
About ArtDeco 2024
Open Call

Hálásan köszönöm a lehetőséget!  Minden nyertesnek és döntősnek, szívből Gratulálok

Thank you very much for the opportunity! Congratulations to all the winners and finalists!


Eva Laszlone Wagner
About ArtDeco 2024
Open Call

Nagyon boldog vagyok, hogy az ArtDeco pályázat nyertesei közé tartozhatok.  Nagy elimerés ez nekem. Köszönöm és további bátorítást ad a festéshez.


The Grand Opening Gala

Great feast of art

Meeting art should be a great & picturesque holiday, we believe. That is why we arrange Grand Opening Gala evenings for every exhibition in the Golden Duck Gallery. 

It is our pleasure to ensure all our clients will get a unique opportunity to get to know the art exhibited in the gallery and to meet the artists in person. This tradition is becoming even more important with international art shows. In this case there are only few days the public can meet an artist from abroad. 

Here you can see how grand openings go in our gallery.