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About Us

Welcome to Golden Duck Gallery & Art Space, a top spot for art lovers. We're famous for our outstanding international exhibitions, featuring prize-winning art from across the globe. Our gallery provides a special experience where you can soak up the beauty of art and find special offers on stunning pieces.

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Step into our diverse international exhibitions, where art from all over the world comes together. From modern artworks to traditional pieces, our shows give you a glimpse into cultures worldwide.

International shows

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Experience the best of art at Golden Duck Gallery, where you'll find pieces that have won awards. Each artwork represents incredible talent and creativity, making your visit truly special.

Award-winning art

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Take advantage of our special offers and find amazing art pieces at great prices. Whether it's a discount or a unique promotion, we make sure you can bring home something special without breaking the bank.

Exclusive Deals

Join our diverse community of emerging and established artists, where your creativity will shine. With curated exhibitions and global exposure, your work will captivate audiences and spark conversations around the world.


Exhibit with us


Imagine hosting your event in the ambiance of an art gallery – it sets the perfect tone, doesn't it? Golden Duck Gallery eagerly awaits to host your company, providing a unique experience immersed in the world of art.


Event Hall


Whether you're a beginner or seasoned artist, immerse yourself in expert-led sessions designed to inspire and refine your craft. From painting to sculpture, unleash your creativity in a supportive learning environment.


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