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Affordable Art Show & Open Call

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   ChristmART Show & Open Call... We consider it as a great background for our lives without realising that it existed long before the homo sapiens populated the forests and started building our civilization. The force of nature is enormous and breathtaking, yet we see these days it just can't cope with the threats the humankind brought with its progress. We believe nature needs our help.

 Can art be any help for it? 

The Golden Duck Gallery invites you to take part in the ChristmART Show & Open Call. Submit up to 10 artworks and exhibit your gorgeous art physically in our brilliant gallery for nearly a month in May! 

Stay tuned and dive deeper into the details below to know all the intriguing details of the ChristmART Show & Open Call.

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We believe yes. Art can and should help protect the environment and enlight the problems and troubles nature experiences. Art has to stand out for the cradle of life and to bring some solution to this problem. 

In the  ChristmART Show & Open Call we would like to share our view on the environmental situation. We would like you to join us, as we need to share opinions in order to really change something. Express your feelings through art, show us anything you feel worth seeing. It might be a shockingly sad or magneficently stunning view - we would like to see it anyway.

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