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Submission Guidelines


Artistic Conditions

The ChristmART Show & Open Call has some slight limitations in the form of your artworks. You can submit any artwork related to ChristmART in any form.

Accepted Art Categories

There is absolute freedom in the categories. Feel free to submit both physical and digital paintings, sculptures, photography, videos or any type of mixed media.


The deadline for submission is the September 16.
Please note that this deadline will not be extended.

The results will be published on the September 20.
The winners will be informed via email. 

Submission Fees

The ChristmART Show & Open Call has submission fee as follows:

1 artwork - $30
2 artworks - $35
3 artworks - $45
4 artworks - $52
5 artworks - $55
6 artwork - $65
7 artworks - $70
8 artworks - $75
9 artworks - $80
10 artworks - $85

Conditions of being chosen

Basically, you can submit any artwork in any artistic style and topic. We have no limitations in terms of what artwork do you submit. Nevertheless, the ChristmART Show & Open Call has the main goal of running an exhibition connected to ///////////////////////. This is why we would like to share some tips&tricks for you to know how to maximize your chances to be there on our walls. 

The top tricks are as follows: 

Make sure your art is somehow related to /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

If your artwork shows a //////////////////////////////////////////////, it is an advantage for the jury

If your artwork is made of ////////////////////////////////////////////// materials, that would be considered as advantage too


We have the following types of winners in the Open Call. 


Winners are those artworks that won the main prize - the offline physical exhibition opportunity in the ChristmART Show & Open Call at the Golden Duck Gallery. Along with that, we guarantee the winners' pariticipance in the ChristmART Show's Online Exhibition on the Golden Duck Gallery's website and a Winner's Certificate of Participance issued by the Golden Duck Gallery. 


Finalists are those participants who did not make their way to the offline physical exhibition opportunity of the ChristmART Show & Open Call. On the contrary, though we guarantee the winners' pariticipance in the ChristmART Show's Online Exhibition on the Golden Duck Gallery's website and a Finalist's Certificate of Participance issued by the Golden Duck Gallery. 

Special Award Winners 

The Golden Duck Gallery launches several Special Awards that can be awarded to Winner artworks only. The Special Award is verified by a Certificate issued by the Golden Duck Gallery and contains the Award name, the name of the Artist and the name of the Artwork. Some of the Special Awards also have money prizes. The jury judges on the awards after the exhibition has started. The Special Awards Winners List is announced at the Grand Opening of the exhibition along with the presentation of certificates and  money prizes. 

The following Special Awards will be given at the ChristmART Show & Open Call: 

Best of Show Award - 200 USD - 1 winner
Talent Award - 60 USD - 2 winners
Golden Duck Special Prize - 40 USD - 3 winners

Please note that the Golden Duck Gallery reserves its right to launch additional Special Awards without specially informing the participants. 

Technical Conditions

For submitting to the ChristmART Show & Open Call you will need to provide us with high-quality images of your artwork in JPEG or PNG file format. We do not define a minimum or maximum resolution of the image as different artworks might have different criteria of a high-quality image. Instead we set the maximum size of the file of 25 MB.

For submitting video files please upload it to some videohosting (e.g. YouTube, Vimeo) or cloud drive (Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, Dropbox etc.) and share the link with us in the description of the artwork. Please make sure the link is active and the content of the link is accessible to everyone who has the link. Otherwise we will not see the video you are sharing. 

Copyright  Conditions

You can only submit original artworks created by yourself for the ChristmART Show & Open Call. In case you are not the author and/or creator of the artwork, please make sure you are eligible for the copyright of the artwork. 

As the organiser of the ChristmART Show & Open Call, the Golden Duck Gallery hereby states that all images collected during the Submission process of this open call will be treated securely and used only with the following intentions: 

Running the jury process (the images are organized in spreadsheet and made visible for the jury only and are not accessible for the general public at this point) 

For those images that are chosen for exhibition purposes (winners or finalists of the Open Call) will be used in the following ways: 

The images will be published to the web page of the online exhibition on the Golden Duck Gallery website. 

The images shall be published to the Golden Duck Gallery social media pages, such as Instagram, Facebook and TikTok pages for information purposes as stipulated in the main prize conditions. 

The images may be used with promotional purposes that include online and offline marketing materials (banner advertisements, search-based advertisements, promoted social media posts and stories, printed flyer ads, newspaper and magazine ads) that promote the ChristmART Show & Open Call exhibition in the Golden Duck Gallery to its potential visitors. The promotional usage will be stopped by the 1st of February, 2025.

The images may be used to create a printable & online catalogue of the ChristmART Show & Open Call and a digestive catalogue containing all the artworks exhibited in a certain period of time (e.g. the catalogue of 2024 or a digest of several years, e.g. 2022-2026)

Please note that the right of the Golden Duck Gallery to use the images for the purpose of promotion and catalogue creation do not result the obligation for the Gallery and its owners to do so. 

Please note that by submitting for the ChristmART Show & Open Call you accept the Copyright Conditions. If you do not want to give your consent to this type of usage, the Golden Duck Gallery reserves its right to deny your participance in the ChristmART Show & Open Call as the Golden Duck Gallery cannot provide the service as stipulated above.

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