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The Fifth Season: Beyond Nations

Join us for an unforgettable evening at the Golden Duck Gallery on June 8th, Thursday, at 6 p.m.!

Immerse yourself in a delightful blend of music, art, and joyful vibes that will lift your spirits for the entire month! Here's what awaits you at this extraordinary event:

"Beyond Nations" Concert: Indulge in the mesmerizing melodies performed by the talented ensemble "The Fifth Season." With seven skilled musicians and ten captivating musical instruments including violin, viola, double bass, flute, guitar, drums, and more, they'll take you on a remarkable musical journey.

Enchanting Vocals: Be captivated by the beautiful voices singing in both Hungarian and French, adding an extra layer of elegance to the concert.

International Exhibition: Experience the world through art as we showcase 77 stunning paintings from talented artists representing 32 different countries. Prepare to be inspired and amazed by the diversity and creativity on display.

Meet the Musicians: Have the unique opportunity to chat with the musicians themselves before and after the concert, as well as during the intermission. Learn about their inspirations, creative process, and get an insight into their incredible performances.

Delightful Refreshments: Indulge in excellent wine, refreshing soft drinks, and tasty snacks throughout the evening. Treat your taste buds while immersing yourself in the joyous atmosphere.

No Boundaries, Just Joy: At the Golden Duck Gallery, we embrace freedom and happiness. There's no dress code or boring faces here. Feel free to dance if you're in the mood! Let loose and enjoy a few hours of pure fun, leaving you with a boost of happiness that will last for weeks to come.

Tickets: Secure your spot now! Ticket prices are 4000 forints, with a special discount of 3000 forints for students and pensioners. You can book your tickets online at, by phone at +36 20 297 63 37 or visit our gallery from Tuesday to Saturday between 14:00 and 19:00 to purchase them in person. Payment can be made in cash or by card.

Don't miss out on this extraordinary evening of music, art, and pure joy! Mark your calendars for June 8th, Thursday, at 6 p.m., and join us at the Golden Duck Gallery located at 1092 Budapest, Ráday utca 31/B. Be ready to create lasting memories and elevate your happiness to new heights!

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