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Art for Peace

 Temporary exhibition by Fine Arts Capital

Pastel portrait painting of a woman of color wearing a red turban, without background

Aren't you tired of what's happening 

We are. As artists, as part of the creative society we are tired of all the situation around us. We are fighting not in a single war, we have to face problems on a bunch of fronts. We have to struggle for life - sometimes, it is easier. Sometimes not, though

The World Has to Know 

One word can change nothing. We know it just like you do. But when hundreds, thousands of words are said, when statements are made, when people unite, every single letter gains value & meaning. 

This is why we decided to unite. To show that we are tired. To show that the people are tired. That every war - a physical, a mental, a hybrid one - ends up in the same way.

Artist List:

Nóra Baka, Béla Balog, Ramóna Edina Benkő, János Cuci Kovács, Ervin Dávid, Kálmán Gasztonyi, Zsuzsa Gyimesi, Tímea Hadar, Ildikó Korény, László Lampert, Tamás Leskoven, Krisztina Lőrincz, Elvira Markó-Rádler, György Kálmán Nagy, Dávid Norbert, Melinda Németh, Ruth Schmidt, Katalin Szabó, Judit Szakter, László Székely, Brigitta Tenkes, Szilvia Terdik, Catherine Váradi


Exhibition dates: 

February 1st - 20th

Grand opening:

February 4th, 11 a.m.

1092 Budapest, Ráday u. 31/b

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