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Portrait of Cathrine Varadi smiling

Personal exhibition by Catherine Varadi

New Year has come, the magic of Christmas is over.  Or not? 

Let us introduce the Quiet January, an exhibition dedicated to comfort and coziness of the Christmas Chill Period. As all people on Earth, we hope for the best and we wait for the spring to come. 

The winter is far from its end, but we will bring the cheer of spring a bit earlier. Saturated colours, the depth of the night, the gold of nature - all these are brought in the Quiet January exhibition by Catherine Varadi in the Golden Duck Gallery. 


Affordable art? We bring it! Our art fair goes along with the exhibition for you to access hand-made art for better prices!

Quiet January


Exhibition dates: 

January 5th - 31st


January 5th

1092 Budapest, Ráday u. 31/b

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