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Nomadic Canvases

A show against global warming

The global warming and traumas suffered by the ecosystem created a path for us. Even with our wounded wings we try to affect the world and raise awareness of the world's ecological problems. Even with our broken wings, our creative culture lives in the recycled materials we use, the trashed memories we bring to life.

We, as Nomad Canvases, have been working for almost quarter of a century to bring this awareness through our performances, workshops, exhibitions. The digital powers bring us even more opportunities. A true artist, we believe, will continue creating anyway, stubbornly and hopelessly, despite all the sacrifices. All the disciplines will remain in the littered memory of the dead nature, real creators will continue with their passion fo the future. We exist with a partnershop with the protection of nature. We see the traumas humanity caused. We witness the future and we will continue our journey.

3d yellow rubber duck with black eyes
Online Gallery

Come join us on our artistic performance on April 20, 14:00 near Bálna.

No Limits Exhibit

Exhibition dates:


Grand Opening: April 20, 18:00

April 19 - 27

1092 Budapest, Raday u. 31/a

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