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Our partners

Building something completely new is always difficult. Building something from zero is even harder. 

Thanks to our good friends, we don't have to build everything from absolute zero. This page is here to express our gratitude to our brilliant friends & partners who are doing their best to make our common future even better.

Los Angeles, USA

An online gallery with headquarters situated in Los Angeles, aming to bridge cultural divides and connect people through the art

Co-Founder of ArtBIAS international open call.

Our partner since 2023.

A reliable coworking space provider, who made it possible for our artists to showcase their outstanding artworks and shine in the heart of Manhattan.


Co-Founder of New York Nomad Show.


Our partner since 2023. 

New York, USA

London, UK

The mission of the association is to conqure the cultural myth of  “impoverished artist” by providing artist the support needed in their career path.

Shared the valuble knowledge in the art sales field, leading our employees to success.

Our partner since 2024.

Association of artists, organizing exhibitions, open airs, fairs and master classes.

Co-Founder of Art en liberté open call.

Our partners since 2024.

Moussoulens, France

Vienna, Austria

Publicartists provides the opportunity for artists to be exhibited in the center of Vienna as well as offers websites, virtual galleries and mediation.

Co-Founder of Christmas zum Opernhaus open call.

Our partner since 2024.

Exclusive suppliers

We wish to express a special gratitute to our suppliers. With them it became possible to organize workshops regularly and on the high level and our clients now have an opportunity to protect their art by the high-quality framing, which will outline the beauty of any kind of style.

Pilisszentiván, Hungary

Our partner since 2022

Kecskemét, Hungary

Our partner since 2023

Budapest, Hungary

Our partner since 2022


Eva Fellner

Hadar Timea

Gasztonyi Kalman


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