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Qatar International 

Art Festival

Golden Duck Gallery's international cooperation

Off-site exhibition

25-30 September

The Flame of Awakening_40x60 cm.jpeg

The beginning / Kezdetek

Fine Arts Capital Exhibition


5 November 2022

11:00 AM


Now or never

Catherine Varadi's personal exhibition

Soft launch 

5 October 2022

The Christmas Miracle 

ASM-Club International 


Group exhibition

Temporary exhibition

December 1-21, 2022

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Latest news

Exhibition Grand-Opening

NovArt Cultural & Art Magazine 
on Golden Duck's Grand Opening:

"The person who opens a new art gallery these times will need a lot of courage and dedication to art"

Interview with Catherine Varadi
on air now!

Golden Duck Gallery feels honoured to announce that our second exhibition, the Beginnings started with an immense event! More than a hundred visitors came to the Grand Opening of the exhibition. The atmosphere of happiness, creativity and art was simply amazing!

о нас

As world is going online, visual art tends to follow the flow. It’s great, as it can save you time & money.  Art is, though, truly perceptable only in person.

We can clearly detect the necessity of artists to share their art physically. Their opportunities remain quite limited, though. 

This is why The Golden Duck Gallery came to life. We believe that the time for being serious has passed forever. There is enough complication in the everyday life. There is a great demand for simplicity, comfort, coziness and happiness. So we will serve it!

Golden... Duck?


Gallery features

160 m2 
art space  

in the centre of Budapest frequently visited by locals and tourists
window (1).png
10 m 
street front 

with wide windows
spot lamps

Adjustable color temperature
LED General lighting

High CRI (over 90)

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