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"Rockin' 52" Lights Up Budapest

Mark your calendars! From April 2nd to the 19th, Budapest's Golden Duck Gallery hosts a burst of color and creativity you won’t want to miss. Catherine Váradi’s "Rockin' 52" is an art show in which each painting is a dance of lights, and each color tells a story from far-off lands.

Imagine an artist whose paintbrush is like a magic wand, turning light into a splash of colors. That’s Catherine for you! Born in Russia and making art in Hungary, she mixes the East's spices with the West's flair in her paintings. Catherine plays with light like a poet plays with words - it's all about the bright and the beautiful in our lives and how choosing to be kind can touch the whole world.

Her art is like a box of chocolates, each with a different filling but all equally delightful. She’s traveled the world with her art - from the busy streets of America to the charming corners of Europe, sharing her stories on canvas.

Recently, Catherine has made waves in the art world, from the glamorous LA Art Show to the trendy Superfine Art Fair in New York and LA. She’s not just an artist; she’s a winner, someone who takes you by the hand and twirls you into a dance of imagination and cultures coming together.

"Rockin' 52" isn’t just an art exhibition; it’s a gateway to a world where every painting is a party, and every viewer is the guest of honor. So, if you’re in for a treat that will dazzle your eyes and tickle your fancy, come to the Golden Duck Gallery and see how Catherine Váradi rocks the art world!

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