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Near the Troll Cave

Near the Troll Cave

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Standing at the bottom of the waterfall, take in the view of the rushing water. Listen to the voice of nature, the dancing tree leaves. Hop across the river's rocky path and let your mind wonder.

This painting is a great addition for either leisure or work space created by a hand guided by the misteries of nature.

  • About the author

    Vatherine Varadi is an internationally selling and exhibiting artisit working with a multitude of techniques and themes.


  • Materials used

    Premium quality oils, brush, canvas.

  • Year made


  • Approximate shipping cost

    Ship to South America $80.00
    Ship to Oceania $50.00
    Ship to North America $50.00
    Ship to Middle East $40.00
    Ship to Europe excluding EU countries $30.00
    Ship to Asia $70.00
    Ship to Africa $40.00
    Ship to European Union $20.00
    Ship to Hungary Free
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